Welcome to the England Team to South Africa 2013 website! The tour is now in full swing and regular updates on the team's progress are posted on this site regularly. The brochure is available by following the link in the menu above.


South Africa win the Protea by 10 V-Bulls over the USA with England 4 points behind. In a closely fought match 600 proved the defining distance for England with South Africa producing a world class performance to take the match from the USA at 900m. The diary has now been updated for the previous two days, with full reports of the conclusion to the Grand Aggregate and the Protea Match. Sorry for the delay!

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Tremlett Wins State President's

Nick Tremlett has won the State President's this afternoon with 298.29. In the SA Championship Jon Underwood was second to David Calvert. The team is now off to prize giving and then to celebrate. The diary with full report will follow tomorrow.

England secure 4 of top 5 Grand Places

The England Rifle Team occupy 4 out of the top 5 Grand Places, with South African PA Haasbroek the eventual winner.

1 PA Haasbroek (RSA) 656.64
2 JC Underwood (Eng) 655.77
3 DC Luckman (Eng) 655.77
4 PD Sykes (Eng) 655.51
5 MJ Ensor (Eng) 654.63
10 PM Patel (Eng) 652.61

Full results will follow with the diary.